Barn Expansion

Barn Expansion

The goal of the Barn Expansion is to provide a unique dining and entertainment center that will address the current campus deficiencies. It will serve as a gateway/link between the East Campus and the West Campus as well integrate indoor and outdoor spaces to support dining and entertainment programs. Ideally, the buildings will be designed to combine renovation with new construction to allow the Campus to retain a piece of its heritage. 

The Barn Expansion Project will:  

  • Renovate and expand the Barn
  • Renew existing courtyard space
  • Create West Courtyard with stage, seating covered outdoor area
  • Establish a Faculty/Staff Dining facility 
  • Create a meeting and private event space
  • Renovate the Barn Theater

Current Activity

  • In Construction
    • Demolition
    • Installing underground utilities

Next Steps

  • Backfilling and Grading

Construction Notices

  • Impacts to adjacent roads and temporary lane controls

Barn expansion timeline

Barn Expansion Live Video Feed

Live feed

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