Mobility Hub

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The $12 million project — a joint effort with the Riverside Transit Agency — will create a central transit hub, or “Mobility Hub,” on campus at the terminus of University Avenue. It will feature a six-bay bus plaza, a sculptural canopy, benches, a pick-up and drop-off zone, and landscaping. The project aims to improve alternative transportation options to campus.

A horseshoe-shaped roundabout will allow more buses to enter and exit campus faster, providing greater access to faculty, students, staff, and the surrounding community. It will also streamline service and emergency access to this area of campus. Construction will kick off in summer with the transit hub expected to be operating by the end of 2019.

The campus is taking advantage of the construction of the Mobility Hub to also redesign nearby pathways and roads to make them more pedestrian and bicyclist friendly. Vehicular access to North Campus Drive will be converted to a broad pedestrian walk and gateway plaza. North-south pedestrian connections to Linden Street are also planned. The Central Campus Linkages improvements are expected to be completed by early 2020.

Project Summary

  • 6-bay bus plaza (Mobility Hub)
  • Rideshare pick-up/drop-off zone
  • Sculptural canopy, site amenities, lighting, security cameras, and landscaping
  • Signalized intersection at University Avenue and Canyon Crest Drive with pedestrian “scramble” crossing
  • North-south and east-west pedestrian and bicyclist improvements (Central Campus Linkages)
  • Project budget: $12 million construction ($16 million total project cost)
  • Forecasted opening: Mobility Hub--late 2019; Central Campus Linkages--early 2020.

The Mobility Hub receives partial funding from the Western Regional Council of Governments (WRCOG), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) through a partnership with Riverside Transit Agency.   

Current Activity

  • Bid Process 

Next Steps

  • Bid Award
  • Notice to Proceed

    Construction Notices