Plant Growth Environment Facility

Plant Growth Environment Facility

  • Replace aged greenhouses with new state of the art greenhouses with the ability for greater temperature control.
  • Construct a facility that can be shared across CNAS departments & support a wide range of research functions & environments.
  • Balance the opportunities for segregated/isolated and shared/collaborative workspaces.
  • Space for both walk-in and cabinet growth chambers with adequate infrastructure

Plant Growth Environment Facility

Current Activities

  • Excavation of building footings
  • Installation of building footing structural steel
  • Installation of concrete (approximately 150 cubic yards)
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Next Steps

  • Mobilization of a construction crane to hoist wall forms
  • Installation of concrete wall forms
  • Installation of concrete wall steel reinforcement

Construction Notice

  •   8/20 Tuesday (Significant Impact)
    • Potential traffic congestion along E. Campus Drive & Eucalyptus due to concrete delivery (approx. 18 trucks
    • Concrete truck back up alarm beeping
    • Concrete pump truck delivery in the morning
We ask users please exercise caution when in this area, please pay attention to, and follow traffic direction from construction safety workers
  • 8/21 – 9/15 (Moderate Impact)
    • Hoisting of equipment and materials within construction site (crane)
    • Air horn blasts used to coordinate crane operation
    • Hammering, chop saws and screw gun noises

Plant Growth Environment Past Construction Updates

  • Construction Updates May 2019

    Construction Notice #1 - May 9, 2019

    5/16-5/17 Equipment Delivery (minimal impact)

    • Back up beeping

    5/21 - 5/24 Tree Removal (moderate impact)

    • Chain saws
    • Wood Chipper
    • Back up beeping
    • Overhead hazard (trees coming down)
    • Heavy equipment operation
    • Heavy haul trucks to the MLK exit

    5/21 - 5/27 Demolition (significant impact)

    • Heavy equipment operation
    • Back up beeping
    • Jackhammering
    • Heavy haul trucks to the MLK exit

    5/28 - 6/12 Grading & Excavation (significant impact)

    • Back up beeping
    • Heavy equipment operation
    • Soil excavation vibration


  • Construction Updates June-July 2019

    6/3 – 6/21 Grading and Compaction (Significant Impact)

    • Back up beeping
    • Heavy Equipment Operation
    • Soil Compaction Vibration

    7/1 – 7/5 Sewer Line Connection (Significant Impact)

    6/24 – 8/2 Underground Utilities (Moderate Impact)

    • Heavy Equipment Operation
    • Back up beeping
    • Installing underground pipe
    • Minor Vibration for Soil Compaction
    • Deliveries of equipment and material

    7/15 – 8/15 Site Wall Construction (Significant Impact)

    • Portions of the perimeter road directly north of Glasshouses 18-21 will not be accessible during this time period
    • Deliveries of block and concrete trucks daily
    • Back up beeping
    • Heavy Equipment Operation
    • Click Here for the Drawing Link