Pierce Hall Renovation

Pierce Hall Renovation

Pierce Hall is being renovated to improve the quality of instructional and research environments, address space deficiencies, and help position the campus to achieve its strategic goals. The building systems in Pierce Hall are no longer adequate to support the contemporary teaching and research needs of the building’s occupants. Improvements to these building systems and selective interior renovations will extend the useful life of the existing facility to support wet laboratory-based instructional programs and low to medium-intensity research laboratories. Additional instructional student laboratory stations and a new general assignment seminar room will be provided via renovation that will directly support science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs. The projects will renovate the North Wing and the first floor of the Center Wing to create new instructional laboratories and improve research laboratories in a core campus location. Former research laboratories will be converted into instructional laboratories on the first and second floors of the north wing, and existing research laboratories located on the third floor will be modernized. Four antiquated instructional laboratories in the Center Wing will also be renovated and other spaces converted to instructional laboratory support space. A new general assignment seminar room will be created in the South Wing.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System Upgrade: Change from constant to variable volume heating, cooling, and distribution throughout and replace or refurbish air handling units, valves, fans, pumps, heat exchangers, and control systems.

Electrical System: Provide a new 480v/277v transformer substation and distribution boards for distribution to new 480v/277v equipment in the basement.

Plumbing Systems: Replace the existing compressed air system(including valves, receiver, dryer, filters, and controls) with a new compressed air system.

Fire Protection Systems: Replace the existing control panel with a new panel. Install fire sprinklers throughout the building.

Pierce Hall Renovation

Current Activity

  • Demolition of the interior of the North Wing is in progress. The most impactful, as far as noise, will be the removal of concrete walls on the first through third floors, mid-north wing.  It’s anticipated that will be completed within a month.

Next Steps

  • Replacement of chilled water valve in the basement that will require an 8 hour shut down of the supply to Bourns Hall.

  • Continue informational meetings for those sheltering in place.  4/11, 3-4PM, HUB 379.

  • Tree removal along the perimeter of the building in order to waterproof at grade level and below

Construction Notices