PDC Contacts

Project Manager: Fernando Canon - (951) 827-4821

Planner: Dexter Galang - (951) 827-4724

Project Description

Create an identifiable and easily accessible facility that welcomes members of our diverse campus community and conveys a commitment to quality care, innovation in technical, medical and clinical services, student support and well being. This facility aligns with the missions and values of the UCR campus, the Division of Student Affairs, Student Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Affairs Case Management, and The Well that support student retention and success through optimization of emotional and physical health, through direct service, promotion, prevention, education, student engagement, and provision of resources and referrals.

Anticipated Construction Start: September 2021

Anticipated Construction Completion: March 2023

  • The new SHCC will further improve health, counseling and wellness services currently provided at the Campus
  • It will offer integrated and holistic care in a welcoming and student-centered environment, with increased medical and mental health providers on staff
  • The design of the SHCC should address the students’ experience
  • In addition to providing medical and mental health services, the new facility is envisioned as a destination within the UCR Campus
  • While the current Student Health Center is relatively insular, the new SHCC should be more visible and become an integral part of the UCR Campus
  • Different programs within the SHCC will share common resources and they will be administered accordingly
  • The SHCC building space should provide opportunities for collaboration, be flexible and have room for growth
  • To best serve the significant number of commuter students. t the SHCC should be a comfortable and welcoming space that accommodates these students while waiting for appointments

Student Health and Counseling Center

Current Activity

  • Finalizing Basis of Design Document

Next Steps

  • Design/Builder - Prequalification
  • Design/Builder - Selection

Construction Notices

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Student Health & Counseling Center Construction Updates