School of Medicine Education Building 2

Design Build Procurement Status

Please be advised that the Announcement to Prequalified Proposers has been posted on the PD&C site at the following link:

PDC Contacts

Project Manager: Mihai Gavan - 951-827-6959

Planner: Melissa Garrety - 951- 827-7376

Project Description

The University of California Riverside proposes to construct the School of Medicine (SOM)Educational Building 2, a new facility of approximately 65,000 assignable square feet that will directly support the academic and programmatic mission of the UCR School of Medicine by providing adequate space for existing needs, as well as allowing for future expansion of the class size (up to 125 students per class).

The proposed building is anticipated to provide up to 65,000 assignable square feet (asf) within approximately 100,000 gross square feet. During the development of the project performance requirements, the campus will maximize the assignable and gross square feet provided in the facility. The space program will incorporate the following types of spaces, to complement SOM's existing program:

  • instruction and instruction support spaces such as classrooms, specialized teaching spaces, and lecture halls;
  • student support and study facilities including study/lounge spaces necessary to comply with accreditation standards; and,
  • academic and administrative offices and support spaces

SOM Education Bldg 2

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Current Activity

  • Design Build procurement & award
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Next Steps

  • Regents approval
  • Design Development
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