School of Medicine Building 2

PDC Contacts

Project Manager: Mihai Gavan - 951-827-6959

Planner: Melissa Garrety - 951- 827-7376

Project Description

The University of California Riverside proposes to construct the School of Medicine (SOM) Education Building II, a new facility of approximately 57,000 assignable square feet (ASF) that will directly support the academic and programmatic mission of the UCR School of Medicine by providing adequate space for existing needs, as well as allowing for future expansion of the class size (up to 125 students per class).

The proposed building is anticipated to provide up to 57,000 assignable square feet (ASF) within approximately 90,000 gross square feet (GSF). The space program will incorporate the following types of spaces, to complement SOM's existing program:

  • instruction and instruction support spaces such as classrooms, specialized teaching spaces, and lecture halls;
  • student support and study facilities including study/lounge spaces necessary to comply with accreditation standards; and,
  • academic and administrative offices and support spaces

SOM Education Bldg 2

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Current Activity

  • Complete construction documents
  • Logistics at Parking Lot 10 and 41
  • Demolition
  • Excavation and grading
  • Building foundations
  • Wall panel fabrication
  • Headhouse buildout
  • Generator yard enclosure


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Next Steps

  • Building structure
  • Utility connections
  • MEP interior infrastructure

Construction Notices

  • Please be advised that access to Greenhouse 6 and its associated Headhouse is no longer available.
  • Please be advised that access to the loading docks of Boyce Hall, Scotty’s, SOM ED, and the associated parking stalls in the area is no longer be available. This area will be permanently closed for construction activities. Please utilize the temporary loading dock at the West Courtyard accessible through Parking Lot 11.
  • Please be advised that the eastern most row of parking spots in Lot 10 will no longer be available for the duration of the SOM ED II project (summer 2023), as this will be impacted by the construction trailers area.

Project Location

Project Anticipated Timeline

Project Updates

School of Medicine Education Building II Updates
  • 954045 SOM ED II - Construction Alert #116

    10/23/2023- 10/27/2023


    954045 SOM ED II Construction Alert #113


     West Courtyard: 

    • Please be advised that the area identified in the image below (in front of keen hall on the west side of the new loading dock at SOM ED 2) will be under construction for a sewer line repair. This work is anticipated to happen between 3pm and 11.30 pm to minimize disruption to the use of the loading dock during the day. The work will be taking place between 10/16 through 10/20, and the area will be covered with trench plates at the end of each day for use during the day time by campus.
    • Anticipated disturbances: medium level construction noise.   
    • Continuous noises on site: Delivery trucks, construction equipment (back-up alarms), jackhammers, saws, screw guns, and hammers.